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What We Deliver


Each media campaign represents a close collaboration between our experienced staff and your company, on behalf of your product or service.  Our expert creative team will expedite everything from the planning and scripting to the shooting and editing.  In order to tell your story properly, it’s vital that we work together to present your message precisely in the voice you are looking to achieve.  We need to know things like:  the types of problems being solved, your product/service’s key feature and/or benefits and who is the intended targeted audience.  When provided with all of that information, two separate DRTV commercials will be produced ― a 60-second spot and 30-second version.  Kevin Harrington appears in every 60-second spot, to introduce the product or service and get the energy revving.  Kevin adds the horsepower of more than $5 billion in sales to your company’s engine.



When the spots are completed, what then?  This is when relationships that we have developed over decades with national and regional cable networks and independent television stations across the US, comes into play.  We can place your commercial spots just about anywhere they’ll do the most good.  From the two distribution checklists, one for national networks, and the other in a city-by-city scope, you tell us where you want your spots to be seen.


But your campaign lives on beyond the mass appeal of television.  We post every 60 second spot we produce to one of Kevin Harrington’s E-Commerce websites – either or  Since Kevin is the creator of As Seen On TV, our DRTV campaign participants (for products) are afforded the unique opportunity to incorporate the As Seen On TV logo on their own website, on their product packaging, and as part of their branding and marketing strategies.  We also grant you the licensing rights to both of your spots, so that you may reach more customers via your own online presence, web and television rebroadcasts.

As Seen on TV logo

One of the keys to Kevin Harrington’s entrepreneurial success is his innate ability to tweak and improve an idea that is already good, in order to make it even better.   Kevin meets with our participants at scheduled events we host and shares a wealth of valuable ideas and strategies that will help take your company to the next level.  This invaluable opportunity is available by Kevin and his team, through our service.